Start With 10 Acts of Creative Expression


A friend recently posted a list of 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days. I was inspired and began working on my own list, but quickly concluded that I should probably focus on marking 101 things off my existing list before adding to it.

Before I reached that conclusion, however, I had already begun a list of things to do in the category of creativity. For one who writes about creativity, it may be surprising that I needed to create a list for this. But what I realized is that I’ve been so busy writing for the past several years that I haven’t taken much time for anything else. I've simply been stuck at the computer. So here are a few things I plan to focus on in the near future. (Hopefully they won’t really take 1001 days.)

  1. Publish a photo book. Not a bunch of words. Just images.
  2. Finish photographing Fort Clinch. This is a personal project I started several years ago. I'm much better at starting things than finishing them.
  3. Make my blog more visual. (I've already begun work on this.)
  4. Learn something new. The Maine Media Workshops catalog arrived this week. Perhaps a class on bookbinding or multi-media production is in my future?
  5. Seek exhibition opportunities. I have never been very good about sharing my work.
  6. Do something new to our home—whether it is rearranging what we already have, updating that which is out of date, or making something new to go on the walls.
  7. Experiment more boldly with my container garden this summer, perhaps exploring a new theme. After all, the ability to change things and experiment is one of the joys of gardening in containers.
  8. Do something fun with those leaves and flowers I've been pressing.
  9. Draw something. This will, without a doubt, be the most challenging. (It may take the full 1001 days.) I love to draw, but only find the time to do so every 10 to 15 years. I get embarrassingly rusty in between.
  10. Create a small photo studio setup for shooting still life subjects (like the one above). I've been collecting found objects for years. I really should do something with them.

So many times, others tell me that they'd like to be more creative. Do you ever feel that way? If so, in what simple ways might you bring more creativity into your life? In what ways do you already express yourself creatively? Will you share?